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Friday, December 14, 2012

'Breigorilla Brooches'

These wooden brooches are unique: there's only one copy available of each!
They're created by the Breigorilla's Aniek Schiepers and Véronique de Jong, in cooperation with Fablab.

Now available at my webshop,
Vleugels & Teugels, The High Culture Art Gallery, Festen and Filarte 
 ...and soon at a limited number of other selected stores!

Vleugels & Teugels
Rechtstraat 90
6221 EL Maastricht

High Culture Art Gallery

Keizer Karelplein 8c
6211 TC Maastricht


Minckelersstraat 1a
6211 GX Maastricht


Boschstraat 89 
6211 AV Maastricht